Right to Win

When thinking about new initiatives, lots of big companies talk about needing the “right to win.” I’ve never been a fan of using this entitlement definition of ‘right’ when talking about new market entry.

Yes, companies need to make sure they have the ‘right’ assets and resources to win — meaning the “most favorable or desired” assets and resources to service the opportunity. What they don’t need is the “moral or legal entitlement” to win.

This current age is characterized by a decided disrespect for rights of way. The future yields for no one. Google becomes a car company. Amazon becomes a media company. Nike becomes a technology company. Companies must not wait to till they feel they have the right to win. In this environment, you’re only right if you win.

The future isn’t made by those you feel entitled. It’s made by those you feel empowered to try.


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