Health Catalyst Raises $41M For Healthcare Data Storage And Analysis

In another sign of the growing VC interest in healthcare technology companies, data warehousing and analytics software company, Health Catalyst, has raised another $41 million in funding.

Health Catalyst Raises $41M For Healthcare Data Storage And Analysis


Why We Love Ephemeral Messaging (And You Should, Too!)

The need to be forgotten is strong. People want to share their whims with friends but not with everyone. Develop ephemeral apps on PingPal service.

Whether or not Snapchat is a business success remains to be seen, but I believe ephemeral messaging is powerful and here to stay.

Why We Love Ephemeral Messaging (And You Should, Too!)


Peter Thiel’s Graph of the Year


The ESPN Of Video Games

Twitch has big-league audiences watching e-Sports online. They’ve got big advertisers’ attention, too.

In October Twitch attracted over 45 million unique viewers, each watching, on average, 100 minutes of video a day. Those are outrageous numbers for a company that’s just two years old. Six-year-old Internet video service Hulu–backed by Disney, NBCUniversal and 21st Century Fox–attracts just 30 million viewers a month, who watch for 50 minutes per session.

The ESPN Of Video Games