Codify looks pretty cool

Been thinking of teaching tools lately and how mobile can be used to improve learning. Codify looks really cool and could be an important step to making development more engaging, tactile and intuitive.  And, in the process, open it up to a much larger audience.

Despite advances in languages, IDEs and other tools, coding a mobile app is tough. It requires a good deal of specialized coding skills, knowledge of languages and interfaces, special dev tools and simulators, etc.  It scares normals. Codify isn’t the panaeca that’s going to instantly make app development truly intuitive, (you still need to specialized knowledge), but it seems like an excellent start to making the process more accessible.

It’s incredibly empowering to code something and immediately see the result running on a mobile device. Combine that with touch and the experience is all the more impactful.  Combine that with games and it’s all the more engaging. By making it super easy for them to customize and create their own games, Codify could get kids excited about development and help them understand how complex systems get created. More importantly, it could demystify technology and encourage kids to see themselves as creators able to make their own ideas come to life.

Extrapolate this way out (way out…) and I could see a huge benefit for a super intuitive development environment to service the bottom of the pyramid. ($35 Aakash tablet, OLPC, etc.)  Imagine not only making mobile computing but also mobile development accessible to the bottom of the pyramid. It’s great to get these devices into populations that couldn’t previously afford them. It’s even better to give these populations the ability to experiment, tinker and transform their devices into tools that meet their own unique needs.


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