Designing for the Real Life Social Network

“The problem is that the social networks we’re creating online don’t match the social networks we already have offline.  This creates many problems, and a few opportunities.”

Excellent talk by Paul Adams of the UX team at Google about designing for relationships.  You can just see the next wave of social networking sites incorporating these multi-identity, multi-group and multi-relationship themes. There’s also some good stuff around traditional notions of influence and influencers incorporating social network shape, message persistence, flow dynamics, and a heightened focus on influenceability. A few tidbits about Amazon ratings that I though were interesting:

  • Ratings that are linked to people’s real names are 20% higher than those that aren’t.
  • Half of the top 1000 reviewers on Amazon don’t use their real name.

The Real Life Social Network v2

View more documents from Paul Adams View more documents from Paul Adams


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