InterDigital created more than 2.5 patents for every employee

From the Daily Beasts list of the top 50 most innovative companies by measuring the number of patents issued between 2005 dn 2009.  Pretty remarkable number from InterDigital (see previous post on IDCC).  Their employee number of 299 is a bit low since they sold off one of their units recently.  They had 380 people in ’07 and ’08, so that brings the number down, but it’s still well above 2 patents per employee and well above the rest of the field.

Where would Telcordia rank? ….  Our 88 patents issued between 2005-2009 and our 3290 employees puts Telcordia at roughly 0.026 patents per employee.  That’s less than half that of the 50th place Lexmark with 0.054 patents/employee.

Patents/employee is a not a great measure of innovation nor of commercial success.  And, as it turns out, it doesn’t correlate well with market cap.


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