Peter Lee, TCTO & DARPA’s new attitudes

If this is indeed the new attitude at DARPA, color me impressed.   Peter Lee was computer science chair at CMU and now runs the  Transformational Convergence Technology Office (TCTO) at DARPA.  This  video gives an excellent sense of the new thinking and attitudes taking  hold at DARPA in the wake of Dugan’s appointment and of the vision of  the new TCTO.

The mission of the TCTO is to anticipate  strategic surprises whose markers include technology democratization,  exponential trends, pushing boundaries and open innovation, all of which is  built on a platform of next-generation computing.

You  can definitely see the thinking and influencers behind 10-41 around  democratizing technology and encouraging edge innovation.  The bits on  the red dots and on Trapster changing the game from the traditional  measure/count-measure in traffic speeding were resonant.

While  long, there are a number of other good bits to this video and it’s  worth watching.

Love the line that “DARPA/TCTO is just  as much about new attitudes as it is about new technologies.”  Listening to Peter, I get the sense that they just might mean it.


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