Clearwire will most likely go LTE

Here are a couple of indications that Clearwire will most likely go LTE at some point. From the Q1 earnings call yesterday:

— Intel and Clearwire have amended their working agreement that required Clearwire to use WiMAX till February 2012. The amendments make it possible to switch away from WiMAX with 30 days notice.

—CEO William Morrow reiterates technology agnosticism: “Relative to technology, we have stated many times that we are technology agnostic. Our strategy is to build a low-cost network that is ready and compatible with that which will deliver the best possible service and cost structure to our customers. We believe that technological progress in chipset design is enabling the virtual convergence of multiple modes and there are suppliers who have already announced their integrated product lines.”

— Morrow, in response to question on LTE “…we believe that technology needs to converge as we go forward, and in the future, there’s so many similarities, probably an 80% overlap of TD or LTE and WiMAX; and so Intel, we believe, sees that too. And we all have to start thinking differently.”


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