Launching Pad

Following on from the Betaworks post, here is a quad chart for a strategic proposal that we submitted October of 2008 that didn’t get selected but which I still think is valid.   It captures the same spirit of rapid prototyping and demonstration for mobile services, and rides the dramatic declines in cost required to put together something that is commercially viable.

A few tidbits:

  • From iPhone/Android Apps to widgets and web services, the way services are created, consumed and controlled is undergoing fundamental change.
  • ATS needs to develop practical core competencies in this new lingua franca as well as gain real-world expertise designing, developing and deploying mobile services.
  • We have ideas –lots of them– now there are tools available to convert those ideas into useful mobile services at low cost and low risk.

We expected that this type of initative would:

  • Provide much needed experience and expertise with mobile operating environments and services, and
  • Lay the groundwork for new ways of unlocking value from ATS innovations and creative thinking.

This effort would have come in handy for the recent DARPA 10-41 response…


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