Lunch talk

Last month, it was my turn to give a department lunch talk.  Here are the slides.

The foursquare numbers have changed dramatically since then – they’ve nearly doubled their user base in the last 4-5 weeks!  They now have more than 1M users.   The venue data, I’m sure, has also changed.  Telcordia now has all of 14 check-ins….

Abstract: Progress is happening at a lightning pace in the mobile industry, including a number of innovative apps, devices and uses for mobile network data. I’ll be taking a lighthearted trek through some recent developments in mobile and drawing parallels to our work within ATS. Within this context, I’ll touch on decision-making under uncertainty, poker as a powerful pedagogical tool, the growing interest in network awareness, my political ambitions, and how games are game changing, all while showcasing some interesting startups doing interesting things.


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